Jennifer's Custom Designs


About me

I have always been a creative person and even wanted to be a buyer for a fashion and accessories store growing up. Not until 2006 did I realize that I would enjoy creating the fashion and accessories myself. I started out designing jewelry as a form of occupational therapy when I broke my neck in August of 2006, leaving me paralyzed. I had troubles with the strength and dexterity in my hands and my occupational therapist had me string beads to help regain some of this function. From that point, I enjoyed creating one of a kind pieces for friends, family, and myself. I received many compliments on my work over the years and realized this is something I could make into a career. I started slowly with local festivals and craft shows, and now I am partnered with a handful of local stores in the greater Columbus area as a local handmade vendor and have an great online following. You can find these stores and all events on the "Events and Around Town" tab.